Marie Sue Hubbard

Mary Sue died in Los Angeles on November 25 th  2002

Mary-Sue Hubbard 1965

Mary Sue Hubbard Tribute Site

Dear Mary Sue,

You died – unseen and isolated from all the Scientologists in and outside of the Church of Scientology.
It took us more then two years to find out that you had left us.Mary-Sue Hubbard 1965

You didn’t even get an appropriate farewell ceremony. You didn’t get a hand, not a single thank you. Your death was not even made known. Nothing. What do we know about you from the last two decades? Honestly speaking – Nothing.

It saddens my heart to think what has happened to you since the end of the seventies. In those times I was a newcomer, young and inexperienced. I was hardly able to grasp the immense importance of Scientology. Although I heard many stories about you and Ron, I never had an idea of who you really were.

You had been assigned to be the first Controller. Yes, by HCO Policy Letter 1 March 66, The Guardian. Worst of all, we had to confront that you had been jailed. I never really learned how it all came about. Instinctively, I knew you had been cheated and betrayed. We heard and read the stories about how Miscavige had been intimidating you with lies, false accusations and maybe even with physical force. And later, he forced you with a falsified letter to resign, and then he unmocked the Guardians Office.

I heard from ex-staff members who were close to Miscavige what a 1.5 he must be. From knowing the tech I can imagine what was going on in those times. And he even cheated you of your inheritance. I’m afraid we don’t have the words to describe what happened then: how he took all the power, sidelining yourself and all the other family members.

I hope you may be able to forgive the fact that nobody at that time was strong enough to hold and stop that suppressive management, and that nobody was around to back up you when you most needed support. It was a breach of the Code of Honour by us all.

Mary Sue, we know you have been so very important to the establishment of Scientology, both as a technology and an organization. You have been loved and admired and you still are.

In the name of all Scientologists I want to give you our infinite thanks, and let you know that your work and dedication is and was more highly appreciated than we can express. We hope that one day you may return, when you will be warmly greeted by all true Scientologists.


Max Hauri

ROC Chairman

This is a message to:

• Mary Sue Hubbard †
• Diana Hubbard
• Arthur Hubbard
• Suzette Hubbard
• Tyson White

My name is Max Hauri, Chairman of the Ron’s Org Committee. I am an auditor and C/S and I follow the tech of L. Ron Hubbard. My purpose on this planet to help is the same purpose that Ron had.

I would very much like to get in communication with Diana Hubbard, Arthur Hubbard and Suzette Hubbard. If any of the four of you see this message, please call, write, or visit me. To all Scientologists anywhere: I ask anyone who has a comm line to any of the Hubbards to forward them this message – thank you for your help!

Much love

Max Hauri