The Bridge

At the qualified Ron's Orgs we deliver the whole complete original bridge. 
There is no special Ron's Org bridge. 
There is only one bridge – the one LRH pointed out.

"...Scientology is a workable system. It white tapes the road out of the labyrinth. If there were no white tapes marking the right tunnels, Man would just go on wandering around and around the way he has for eons, darting off on wrong roads, going in circles, ending up in the sticky dark, alone.
Scientology, exactly and correctly followed, takes the person up and out of the mess. ..."

HCOB Safeguarding Technology, 14.02.65

Name of Level Subject Audited Ability Gained
Book 1 Engrams, Secondaries, Locks Discharging of bank
Detox Program Body (Vitamins and Sauna) Freedom from the restimulative effects of residuals and other toxins.
HQS-Program CCHs 1-7, OP PRO BY DUP, Self Analysis-Lists In present time, increased ability to recall, increased life potential.
Life Repair Addresses the individual’s handling of livingness Awareness of ability to change conditions
SCN Drug RD Rehab and Recall Processes on drugs Freedom from harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and medicine and free from the need to take them
ARC Recall Recall, Forgetting, ARC Knows he/she won’t get any worse
Dianetics Drug Rundown Engrams, secondaries, locks; sensations, misemotions, somatics and pains connected with taking and prior to taking drugs, medicine and alcohol Freedom from harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and medicine and free from the need to take them
Dianetics Case Completion Engrams, secondaries, locks; sensations, misemotions, somatics and pains; Relief RD, Disability RD, Identity RD, other Dianetics RDs A truly well and happy human being
Grade 0 Communication Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject
Grade 1 Objectives, Help, Control, Problems Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish
Grade 2 Confront and overts and withholds Relief from hostilities and sufferings of life
Grade 3 Changes in life and ARC breaks Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face future
Grade 4 Services Facsimiles and fixed conditions Moving out of fixed conditions and gaining abilities to do new things
Alternative Route to Clear:
Power Plus
Clearing Course
  Clear; a being who no longer has is own reactive mind
Clear   Clear; a being who no longer has is own reactive mind
Clear Hat Orients a Clear for his new role as a pre-OT. Understanding of the state of Clear
Solo Course Solo Assists – prepare the Clear for his job as a Solo Auditor – so he can audit his case. Ability to solo audit one’s own case
Operating Thetan 1 Orientation Confidential
Operating Thetan 2 Breaks up the first barriers to going Operating Thetan. Confidential
Operating Thetan 3 Handles the major whole track incidents that have affected thetans. Reveals the true history of Earth Confidential
Operating Thetan 4-8 These levels handle the most secret and ancient barriers to Operating Thetan, an organized attempt on the 7th Dynamic to force thetans to conform to a lower state of awareness. Confidential
Special Rundowns: The following rundowns are optional and are done as when needed and wanted after consulting with the CS. We deliver all special rundowns and repair actions. Not all are included in this list.
Liste 10 List 10 deals with things  that cause a thetan to hold himself back. His ability and strength to do the things he wants to do is re-established Confidential
Liste 11 List 11 deals with fixed topics, which bring about the situation of  the thetan reducing his havingess. Confidential
Liste 12 List 12 handles the basic and specific aspects of the beingness of a thetan. The confidence of the thetan in himself is strengthened. Confidential

But  then what happens?

Suppose that you have completed NOTs and OT 8. Perhaps you did  some specific rundowns such as the List 10, List 11 and List 12. Eventually you even did the orignal operating thetan levels IV-VII as delivered in 1968. 

Well done! Congratulations!
But  then  what happens?

Didn`t Ron say: "I'll see you at the other end of the Bridge."?

We have good news for you. Those further levels for operating thetans have been released!

Ron knew what would happen to the church , that`s why these levels are not available in the church.
The further steps up to the end of the bridge are called:


Super Power for OTs

The Grail

Games Master Levels

Source Operation Levels

VAST Levels

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